Prof. Huiqiu Yuan's team published two review articles in "Reports on Progress in Physics" [2017-02-20]
A new form of superconductivity [2016-07-11]
Breaking Centrosymmetry Makes Semiconductor Nanowires Absorb Light More [2015-09-21]
Discovery of Superconductivity in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Cr-Based Compound [2015-04-13]
Platinum-group elements and geochemical characteristics of the Permian continental floo... [2012-12-20]
Synergistic treatment of ovarian cancer by co-delivery of survivin shRNA and paclitaxel... [2013-01-03]
Eggshell-Inspired Biomineralization Generates Vaccines that Do Not Require Refrigeration [2012-11-19]
Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on Mesoporous N-Doped Carbon and Their C... [2012-11-19]
Imaging Latent Fingerprints by Electrochemiluminescence [2012-09-10]
Self-Healing Supramolecular Gels Formed by Crown Ether Based Host¨CGuest Interactions [2012-06-04]
Center for Correlated Matter established in Zhejiang University [2012-04-26]
The Department of Mathematics Joins IMA [2011-11-08]
Supramolecular polymers constructed by crown ether-based molecular recognition [2011-11-02]
Highly Efficient and Reversible SO2 Capture by Tunable Azole-Based Ionic Liquids throug... [2011-10-27]
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